Spinnler Point Colony Association, Inc.
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The Spinnler Point Board of Directors is committed to providing Association members with up-to-date information regarding all important aspects of our organization. As you can imagine, the cost of printing, copying and mailing such information continues to increase along with other increasing costs that affect our annual budget. In an attempt TO SAVE MONEY and reduce the expenditures that we must pass back to Association members, we are taking advantage of today’s technology by sending members copies of pertinent information (newsletters, rules & regulations, bylaws, meeting minutes, website updates, etc.) as attachments to timely emails. All such documents will be sent in PDF format to facilitate printing. It goes without saying that Spinnler Point Colony Association will only use your email address for internal communications and will not distribute your email address to any outside parties.

If you are a Spinnler Point property owner and would like to contribute to our cost saving efforts by receiving information via email, simply email us and we will add you to our distribution list. Members who do not have computers or do not wish to receive information via email, will still be able to receive their information via regular mail.

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Spinnler Point Colony Association, 117 Shore Road, Tafton, PA 18464

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