Located on the northeastern shores of Lake Wallenpaupack, off Route 507 in Tafton, Pennsylvania, the Spinnler Point Colony Association, Inc. is moving towards a half century as a viable, family-oriented organization.  Our first meeting was held July 4, 1965 and, since then, we have continued to grow and develop into the existing Association with over 122 participating families.

We are a private community but we welcome members and visitors, especially through the convenience of the virtual pages of our website.  If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.


Public Safety Announcement from the Tafton Dive and Rescue Team:

The ice conditions can vary and are very different in various parts of Lake Wallenpaupack. Today, we responded to a total of 5 people going through the ice . . .  including 2 ATVs and a Snowmobile.

This happened at the same place . . . same day . . . different times. The area north of Epply Island between Shuman's Point and Spinnler Point has OPEN WATER and THIN ICE !

Fortunately none of these incidents were fatal.

Just because someone says they had 8” here or 14” of ice there is not indicative of the ice conditions across the entire lake. It can vary immensely!!!!

Enjoy the outdoors and be safe. Check the ice thickness, carry ice awls for self rescue and, with any water activities, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to wear a life jacket.

The life you save may be your own.

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